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What do you do you on a Sunday?

Updated: Feb 5

As a freelancer, I'm trying to limit the time I spend on my business to week days. This is easier said than done when you work from home and your emails and work socials are on your personal mobile.

Every Sunday I coordinate a cold water dip for my community club Baltic Boys Aberdeen. The cold water is like a getting a shot of energy for the rest of my day and the friendship and laughter just lifts my mood.

I love the chaos of this photo. It was taken a few weeks ago when we had a visit from a renowned cold water coach, Gilly McArthur, AND four first-time cold water dookers. Such a special dip.

It's so important to me that as I work to build my coaching practice that I ensure I hold the boundaries between work and other activities. If it becomes all consuming then I'll never make it as an entrepreneur.

What do you do on a Sunday? Comment below.


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