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Pleased to Please You

Updated: Feb 5

For most of my life I've been a chronic people pleaser. I'm not saying I managed to please anyone but I've given a lot of thought and energy to what I think others want, need or expect from me.

I've always had a deep fear of not being accepted for who I am and this was the bedrock of my pleaser mindset.

In recent years, I've spent a lot of time and energy doing the work to gain a sense of what a good life means to me.

Because of that, I realised that I've spend the past 20 years latching onto other people and going with their flow. Going along with other's priorities was easier than working to map my own path.

But now as we go into 2023 I'm working hard to recognise and honour my own feelings and needs. Listening to my body and my gut. Quietening the cynical voice in my head that prioritises what I should do to satisfy other people (my perception of that, that is!).

Of course, I'll continue to want the best for those around me and I absolutely still get pleasure from seeing other people's happiness, especially when I've played a part in it, but I hope that 2023 is the year I stop trying to please others at the cost of my own needs. I know that if I can do that then I will have more honest, rich relationships in my life.

This year I want to nourish my body and mind and for that to happen I need to embrace a positive selfishness.

I hope this speaks to some others out there. Let me know if you see some of yourself in the message above.

Happy new year everyone. Here's to a 2023 full of love, growth and adventure. 🙏❤️

Matt x

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