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From Faulty to Rational Thinking

Updated: Feb 5

I've recently been thinking about some of the most common types of faulty thinking (mental mistakes) we can all experience.

Much of the work I do in the coaching room is helping clients move from faulty thinking to rational thinking. This shift can enable transformative changes in behaviour and outcomes.

Examples from Cognative Behavioural Theory include:

- black and white thinking

- jumping to conclusions

- magnifying the significance of something (positive and negative)

- irrational labelling

- taking things personally

- catastrophising

- Irrational hopelessness/helplessness

- mental filtering (discounting info that doesn't fit with our existing beliefs)

... and many more.

Most of my clients are able to make a significant change in their life or circumstances simply by creating an internal shift in perspective. This is what coaching can help achieve.

How might a challenging situation in your life or work be made worse by faulty thinking?

Curious about coaching? Book a FREE coaching taster session with Matt today and experience it for yourself.

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